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Welcome to the Early Development Lab at the University of Virginia! We are one of four Child Development Laboratories affiliated with the Department of Psychology.

We study how children process information and learn about the world around them. Recent studies in our laboratory have concerned the impact of Montessori education on cognitive achievement and social development, the effect of television viewing on children's executive functions, and a variety of issues concerning pretend play, such as how and when young children discriminate pretend from real behaviors.

Most of our studies involve children from early infancy to the age of 12. The lab is conveniently located on Milmont Street in Charlottesville, and most studies involve a fun, one-time visit lasting about 30 minutes. Parents may be with their children throughout the visit if desired.

We are always looking for children and families willing to be involved in our studies. Parents interested in having their children participate can register and find further information about our research at the Child Development Laboratories website.