ASTR 1230 (Majewski) Lecture Notes

Photos of Mr. Majewski Using the Prime Focus of the Palomar 200-inch Telescope

Photo of outside of 200-inch dome by Danner/Hogg.

FIsh-eye view of 200-inch telescope by Maury .

Last ever photographic use of the Hale 200-inch telescope (1995, by Steven R. Majewski and Kyle M. Cudworth):

(Above) Top view from dome slit of the prime focus elevator/loading platform and the prime focus cage.

(Above) Downloading your professor's enormous bulk into the top of the telescope. Make sure they rebalance that telescope!

(Above) Cramped quarters for the evening. Have you used the rest room?

(Above) View from dome platform of my head popping out of the prime focus cage.

(Above) View giving an idea of the beginning of tipping of telescope.

(Above) View of the loading elevator retracting away. Elevator moves along gigantic slit of the 200-inch telescope dome.

(Above) Photo of 200-inch telescope slewed to look toward horizon by Danner/Hogg. Note angle of the prime focus cage and imagine the situation for the astronomer inside.

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