Astronomy 1230 Computer Laboratory Information

Fall 2014

The "CLEA" (computer) labs can be accessed over the internet from the UVa "Hive," and full instructions and data sheets can be obtained from What follows is excerpted from that site for your convenience, but please refer to the original site (bottom of that webpage) for any updates and corrections.
Manuals for the non-observing labs for ASTR 1230 are available below. Select the desired lab to download the instructions, and follow the directions.

Interactive software for the CLEA labs is available on computers in ITS Labs. To access the software, follow the directions for logging onto ITS computers (see ITS Lab Login for more information). Next, select "Start" and then "Arts & Sciences". The CLEA labs should be under the category of "Astronomy". This software can also be accessed via the Internet through the UVa HIVE system. The HIVE is currently supported under certain Windows and Mac Platforms. Follow the instructions to get connected to the HIVE. The CLEA labs can be found under the build name "01_Engineering_and_Arts_and_Sciences".

  • Note: some labs require an "Answer Sheet" to be filled out and turned in. These are found in the lab instructions you download.

    ASTR 1230 specific labs:

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