Astronomy 1230: Observing Forms

To record most of the telescopic observations you will make in this course, you will be expected to use a standard observing form. You can photocopy the blank observing form from your ASTR 1230 Manual, you can pick up copies in the Observatory Support Office (Rm. G25),

See Appendix F in the ASTR 1230 Laboratory Manual for detailed instructions on how to use observing forms. Be careful when filling them out, because they will be graded according to relatively strict standards.

After completing the forms in the Night Lab, they must be signed by the TA on duty. The original forms must be turned in as part the "data" section of your lab write-up.

Note that as part of preparing for the lab work, you are expected to have filled out the upper left hand block of the form BEFORE going to the Student Observatory.

Sample Completed Form

Sample Observing Form
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