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Fall 2017

WARNING (2010): In the autumn of 2010 a malicious hack of the UVA astronomy web server resulted in the loss of all of the course materials (and backups) for this class, including the lecture notes, which are the product of 15 years of development by the instructor/author. Through painstaking and costly efforts, we are attempting to reconstruct what has been lost. You may find links and figures missing. Use at your own risk. Please be patient while we work through this.

WARNING (2015): Another malicious hack of our webserver has resulted in our department web server being shut down for security reasons. Please be patient while these pages are migrated to a new server.

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Syllabus Announcements
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Clear Sky Clocks

Current Sidereal Time (needs Java)

Leander McCormick Observatory

Fan Mountain Observatory

(uses jLSTclock, created by Joe Brandt of NRAO)
Click for Charlottesville, Virginia Forecast

Course Contacts
Instructor Steven R. Majewski Astronomy 231 srm4n 4-4893
TA Meng Sun Astronomy 263 ms7er 3-8941
Lab Technician Jimmy Davidson Astronomy 154 jwd6e 4-4909

Department Phone: 434-924-7494
McCormick Observatory: 434-924-7080
Fan Mtn. Observatory: 434-979-0685
Apache Point Observatory: 505-437-6822

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