Name Title Institution
1 Boi, Steven Impact from Beam Induced Radiation Backgrounds on the Cosmic Ray Veto Detector at the Mu2e Experiment University of Virginia
2 Bono, Jason The Mu2e Tracker Rice University
3 Chiarello, Gianluigi The Full Stereo Drift Chamber for the MEG II Upgrade Universita del Salento / INFN Lecce
4 Edmonds, Andrew An 8-Straw Prototype Tracker for Mu2e LBNL
5 Ehrlich, Ralf Cosmic Ray Background in the Mu2e Cosmic Ray Veto University of Virginia
6 Fael, Matteo NLO Corrections to μ → eννγ and μ → eeeνν Decays in the SM University of BERN
7 Frank, Martin Mu2e Cosmic Ray Veto Test Beam Results University of Virginia
8 Glaser, Charles PEN: A Precision Analysis in the pi -> e + nu Branching Ratio University of Virginia
9 Jenkins, Merrill The Mu2e Cosmic Ray Veto University of South Alabama
10 Kargiantoulakis, Manolis Front-End Electronics for the Mu2e Tracker Fermilab
11 Le, Trinh CLFV from the Perspective of a Neutrino Mass Model University of Virginia
12 Oksuzian, Yuri Wavelength-Shifting Fiber Performance for the Mu2e Cosmic Ray Veto University of Virginia
13 Palladino, Anthony Normalization System for the Mu2e Experiment; The Stopping-Target Monitor Boston University
14 Quirk, John Results and Outlook of the Aluminum Capture Experiment Boston University
15 Sarra, Ivano New Tests with the New Large Area SiPMs for the Mu2e Calorimeter LNF-INFN
16 Shrestha, Shruti Electronics for the Cosmic Ray Veto Kansas State University
17 Teshima, Natsuko Development of High-rate Tolerant HV-Switching Multi-Wire Proportional Chamber and its Readout Electronics for DeeMe Experiment Osaka City University
18 Uzunyan, Sergey Radiation Damage Tests of Silicon Photo-Multipliers (SiPMs) for the Cosmic Ray Veto System of the Mu2e Experiment Northern Illinois University