Dark Skies, Bright Kids (DSBK) is a non-profit program designed to enhance science education for elementary school students. We seek to foster the natural curiosity of children by helping them to explore the Universe in a social setting with fun, hands-on activities.

Quotes from our students:

Astronomy club is fun! I like to learn about comets, planets, light too. Science is fun. Thank you! - Jania @ Greer Elementary.

Thank you so much for coming to visit us! We really appreciate it. I had a lot of fun learning about comets - it was my favorite! - Amarie @ Greer Elementary.

I loved everything! Thank you for coming! - Winter @ Greer Elementary.

Thank you for teaching us about science. I learned so much I want to be an astronomer one day. I had so much fun the past 8 weeks. - Jacob @ Greer Elementary.

DSBK collage