Snapshots of the Universe

Book Collage

"Laura just went nuts and made some incredible artwork. It was successful and a lot of fun and we didn't want it to just sit and collect dust."
-- DSBK Founder Kelsey Johnson on the work of artist Laura Jackson, illustrator of Snapshots of the Universe

And that was the beginning of "Snapshots of the Universe," a bilingual (English and Spanish) art book on astronomy. The book was drawn, written, and put together by the Dark Skies, Bright Kids volunteers.

The draft edition of the book was completed in January 2010 and 'preview' copies were distributed to astronomers and educators at the Winter 2010 American Astronomical Society meeting (see image below).

Once complete, a digital version of the book will be made available on this site.

The DSBK Family would like to thank everyone who helped us pursue funding to publish our book! Ultimately we were not successful, but we are exploring other avenues to get our book into the hands of elementary school students.


  • Snapshots of the Universe has been translated into French!
  • We'll be at the Summer 2012 American Astronomical Society meeting in Anchorage, AK with a poster on Snapshots of the Universe! (And maybe a mascot or two.)
Kids Reading Book
Camden (Red Hill), Kayla (Yancey), Ayana (Yancey) and Iceysis (Yancey) read together from Snapshots of the Universe at historic McCormick Observatory.

How You Can Help:

  • You can donate to Dark Skies, Bright Kids by following the instructions on our donations page.
Following our initial publication, the book will be available as a PDF download. You can spread copies of this book through your community to bring the fun of learning and the beauty of the cosmos to a much larger audience!
Draft Handout
Ms. Joleen, Ms. Gail, Mr. Ryan and Ms. Genevieve (L to R) handed out draft copies of Snapshots of the Universe at the Winter 2010 American Astronomical Society Meeting in Washington D.C.

"Snapshots of the Universe" in the News: