Daniel Keenan


Department of Statistics
University of Virginia
Charlottesville, VA 22904

phone: (434) 924-3048
fax: (434) 924-3076
email: dmk7b@virginia.edu

Postdoc, Medicine, University of Virginia (2001-2005) (see below)
Postdoc, Applied Mathematics, Brown University (1984-86)

Ph.D., Statistics, University of Chicago (1980)
M.S., Mathematics, Indiana University (1976)
M.A., Economics, West Virginia University (1974)
B.A., Economics, West Virginia Wesleyan College (1972)

Postdoc in Medicine: Financed by NIH K01 award (3-1/2 yrs) and NSF Interdisciplinary Mathematics award (1 yr). As part of this I took for credit the Years I and II MD courses: biochemistry, physiology, neuroscience, genetics, microbiology (2 semesters), and pathology (2 semesters), as well as the PhD Pharmacology course requirements: Biochemistry, Cell Structure and Function, Gene Expression, and Pharmacology (2 semesters). I spent one year doing animal surgeries in preparation for writing a PhD thesis, but decided that it was not the best use of the limited time. I returned to the medical coursework.


Professor, Department of Statistics, University of Virginia

Visiting Professor (Adjunct Appointment), Laboratory of Neurobiology and Behavior (Dr. Donald W. Pfaff’s Lab), Rockefeller University

Research Scientist (Adjunct Appointment), Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Department of Internal Medicine, Mayo Clinic

Associate Professor, Department of Statistics, University of Virginia

Associate Professor (tenure, June 1991), Division of Statistics, Department of
Mathematics, University of Virginia

Assistant Professor Research, Division of Applied Mathematics, Brown University

NSF Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Fellow, Division of Applied Mathematics, Brown University

Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Statistics, Carnegie-Mellon University

Assistant Professor of Statistics, Graduate School of Business Administration,
University of Michigan

National Institute of Health, Research Career Development Award (K01), 2001-2004

National Science Foundation Summer Fellowship, 1977, Argonne National Laboratory

National Science Foundation Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Fellowship, 1984-86

Patent N0: US 7,2000,243 B2 - Spectral Mixture Process Conditioned By Spatially- Smooth Partitioning. Inventors: Daniel M. Keenan and Robert S. Rand. Algorithms by which both spectral and spatial information in hyperspectral data (satellite) can be utilized for the purpose of classifying ground surface materials.

Patent Pending -Composite Model of Time-Varying Appearance and Disappearance of Neurohormone Pulse Signals in Blood. Inventors: Daniel M. Keenan and Johannes D. Veldhuis, MD. this is a joint application between the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN and the University of Virginia.

Institute of Mathematical Statistics
American Physiological Society
Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Endocrine Society

National Science Foundation (D. Keenan, PI) - 8/1/84-7/31/86 - $48,000 - Mathematical Sciences Postdoctoral Fellowship - “Asymptotic Properties for Time Series Parameter Estimators”;

Office of Naval Research, (D. Keenan, PI) - 1/1/87-12/31/88 - $159,000 - “A Pattern Theoretic Formulation of Shape” ;

Office of Naval Research (D. Keenan, PI) - 4/1/89-9/31/90 - $94,009 - “A Formulation of Shape in R3 with Application to Range Data” ;

Office of Naval Research (joint PI’s, D Keenan, L. Pitt) - 10/1/90-9/31/92 - $297,848 - “Stochastic Elliptic Problems and Applications” ;

Office of Naval Research (joint PI’s D Keenan, L. Pitt) - 10/1/92-12/31/95 - $287,126 - “Modeling, Estimation, and Predication with Applications in Random Fields and Image Analysis”;

National Institute of Health (NIA) (co-PI with Dr. J. Veldhuis, P.I.) - 04/01/01- 03/31/05 - 12.5% effort - $200,000/yr -“The Aging GH Axis in Postmenopausal Women”;

National Science Foundation - (D. Keenan, P.I.) -09/01/2001 - 8/31/2005 - 66.7% effort (for 1 year) - $100,000 - Interdisciplinary Grants in the Mathematical Sciences - “Reconstructing Unobserved Hypothalamic Neuroendocrine Signals” ;

National Institute of Health (D. Keenan, PI) - Research Career Development Award (RCDA) K01 -Mentored Research Scientist Development Award in Aging - 9/30/01- 8/31/05 - 75% effort - $364,000 -“Predicting Onset Age and Length of Menopausal Transition”;

National Institute of Health (NIDDK) R01 (co-PI with Dr. J. Veldhuis, P.I.) - 3/01/02- 02/28/07 - 33.3% effort - $281,000/yr - “Feedback Control of Stress-Responsive ACTH- adrenal Axis.”;

National Institute of Health (NIA) R01 (co-PI with Dr. J. Veldhuis, P.I.) - 06/01/04- 05/31/09 - 20% effort - $250,000yr - “Ensemble Disruption of the GnRH-LH-Testosterone Axis”;

National Institute of health (NIA) R21 (co-PI with Dr. J. Veldhuis, P.I.) - 03/01/07- 02/28/09 - 10% effort - $152,500yr -“Analytical Reconstruction of Feedback Signaling”;

National Institute of Health R01 (co-PI with Dr. J. Veldhuis, P.I.) - 02/01/07-01/31/12 - 15% effort - $225,000/yr - “Actions of Testosterone on the Aging Male GH Axis”;

National Institute of Health (NIA) (co-PI with Dr. J. Veldhuis, P.I.) - 04/01/07- 03/31/12 - 10% effort - $200,000/yr - “Age-Dependent Estrogen-Independent Mecha- nisms of Hyposomatotropism in Women”;

National Institute of Health (NIA) R01 (co-PI with Dr. J. Veldhuis, P.I.) - 04/01/10- 3/31/15 - 15% effort - $385,000/yr - “Aging Systems in Geriatrics: the Male Gonadal Axis.”

National Institute of Health - subcontract to Univ. of Virginia - NIDDK R01 (co-PI with Dr. R. Basu, P.I., Mayo Clinic), - 07/01/14- 06/30/17 - 15% effort - $385,000/yr (full grant) - UVa subcontract $40,000/yr - “Mechanisms of Insulin Resistance in Man.”

Mayo Clinic (Foundation), - 07/01/14- 06/30/17 - 10% effort - $25,000/yr - “Tracer Infusion Studies to Establish Statistical Methods for Determining Endogenous Glucose Production .”