Our Mission

The Digital Classroom Initiative is a faculty group at the University of Virginia working to develop, evaluate, and implement new technologies for use in university classrooms. The intent of this group is to work collectively alongside key point people throughout the university community to encourage the development of courses that are more digitally sophisticated than they otherwise would have been. We plan to identify projects that will benefit our own classroom instruction and projects we think could readily benefit our colleagues throughout the university, even if they have not used digital technologies in the classroom previously. In implementing these changes, we seek to identify strengths and deficiencies in the university's technology infrastructure, particularly in classroom setups and digital teaching support systems such as Collab. We plan to serve as ambassadors to colleagues, encouraging them to take ideas that we have used, and that have worked, and apply them to their own teaching.


Year I: Fall 2008 - Spring 2009

This phase is now complete. Individual member projects and collective projects were identified. Several new technologies were implemented in classrooms and evaluated.

Year II: Summer 2009 - Spring 2010

This phase will expand on Phase I and begin dessiminating or scaling up earlier projects.