Recent conferences


Selected recent conferences (2011-2013)

  • The Practical and Theoretical Optics of the Young Leonardo
    Renaissance Society of America
    , San Diego, April 2013
  • Symposium: Perspective as Practice
    Max Planck Gesellschalft for the History of Science, Berlin, October 2012
  • Leonardo’s Treatise on Painting: A Digital Archive
    Virginia Commonwealth University, Library, Richmond, April 2013 Renaissance Society of America, Washington, March 2012
  • Leonardo’s Atmosphere
    Symposium: Leonardo and Nature

    Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz, March 2013
  • Leonardo on Water and Air
    Panel “After the Deluge: Reimagining Leonardo’s Legacy”,
    Dean’s Forum, University of Virginia,
    School of Architecture, January 2013
  • Leonardo’s Optics
    Symposium: Leonardo da Vinci: Painting as Philosophy
    Warburg Institute, University of London, February 2012
  • The Renaissance World Image: Between Art, Science, and Politics Symposium: Conceptualizing the World
    The University of Oslo, Faculty of Humanities, September 2011
  • Il Trattato della pittura di Leonardo
    Biblioteca Leonardiana, Vinci, September 2011
  • Leonardo’s Shadows
    Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florez, May 2011
    Dutch Institute, Florence, Italy, July 2012
    The Society of Fellows, University of Virginia, March 2011
    University of Oxford, October 2010
    The Harvard University Center of Italian Renaissance Studies,
          Villa I Tatti, Florence, December 2009 University of Notre Dame, Rome Program, November 2009