Graduate seminars

Art Grounds

Renaissance Art Criticism

Through the close reading of pertinent texts, this seminar examines the formation of a critical and theoretical language of art and architecture from the Renaissance onward.

The Legacy of Leonardo da Vinciís Art Theory

This seminar focuses on what Renaissance and Baroque artists and theorists knew of Leonardoís writings on art theory, human anatomy, optics, geology, color theory and pictorial composition.

Global Renaissance

This seminar examines the cross-cultural exchanges between Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas in the early modern period with a specific focus on the production and exchange of artifacts.

Art, Science and Technology in Renaissance Europe

In this seminar we focus on the history and epistemology of the study of the natural world with emphasis on the role of images and the mechanism of visualization in the understanding of the natural world.

Collecting in Early Modern Europe

In this seminar we approach the practices and purposes of collecting in early modern Europe from the perspective of history, science, anthropology, psychology and art history.