Undergraduate courses and seminars

Art Grounds

ARTH 3254 Leonardo da Vinci

This course examines Leonardo da Vinciís paintings, drawings and writings from the point of view of the history of art, literature and the history of science. Special attention is given to the relations between word and image, the artistís thought process, networks of knowledge, and the investigation of the natural world in the Renaissance.

ARTH 3251 Gender and Art in Renaissance Italy

This course examines how notions of gender shaped the production, patronage, and fruition of the visual arts in Italy between 1350 and 1600.

ARTH 3559 Mapping the Globe from Antiquity to Google Maps

This course examines the representation of the earthís globe from antiquity to modern times through the selection of pertinent case studies from different cultures and periods. It includes extensive first-hand, direct study of maps at UVA Special Collections.

ARTH 4591 Global Renaissance

This seminar examines the cross-cultural exchanges between Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas in the early modern period with a specific focus on the production and exchange of artifacts.