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NEH Summer Institute
Leonardo da Vinci
Between Art and Science
Florence, Italy June–July 2012
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The Institute focused on the works of Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), this versatile, canonical artist of western art who moved with equal ease among artistic, literary, intellectual, and scientific circles. The Institute was hosted at the Kunsthistorisches Institut in Florenz (KHI) - Max-Planck-Gesellschaft.

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Bartolo di Frediís Adoration of the Magi
A Masterpiece Reconstructed Guest Curator, Exhibition, University of Virginia Art Museum,
Spring 2012
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The exhibition reunited the surviving components of a late medieval Sienese altarpiece that was arguably one of the greatest work of the painter Bartolo di Fredi (ca. 1330-1410): the main panel, which has remained in Siena since its completion around 1380, and portions of the predella from the Lindenau-Museum in Altenburg, Germany, and from University of Virginia Art Museum. The exhibition traveled to the Museum of Biblical History in New York.

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