• Leonardo da Vinci and His Treatise on Painting, author, April 2012
    Dedicated to the legacy of Leonardo da Vinci’s art theory, this publication focuses on Leonardo’s Treatise on Painting, the only text by the artist that circulated widely for over four centuries. Gathering over forty manuscript copies and many printed editions of this text, this digital publication provides innovative research tools for visual and textual analysis.
  • “The Enduring Power of Forgery and Imagination: The Zeno Map,” author, May 2012 in Cartographic Conversation.
    Essays Contributed by JCB Fellows in Honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Library’s Fellowship Program, John Carter Brown Library
  • Leonardo da Vinci Between Art and Science, editor, expected publication July 2013
    Gathering the research projects developed during the 2012 NEH Summer Institute “Leonardo da Vinci: Between Art and Science” (Florence, Italy, June-July 2012), this publication provides unique points of entry into many aspects of Leonardo da Vinci’s research.
Image of digital publications