Office of Ryue Nishizawa | Eda Apartments

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Zone animation


- Site is located at collision of multiple city grids
- Plan is generated by extending the grids into the lot
- Resulting interstitial spaces are utilized as interior courts to provide fresh air and natural light
- Maximum efficiency is achieved by working with the grid
- Allows higher unit/acre development, thus lower cost/acre


- Units are raised creating continuous ground plane running thru the site
- Voids above allow natural light to filter into this space

Research By: Kevin Day


- collective housing in residential district of Tokyo
- low-rise volume, same shape as site
- 100 units, 2-3 stories high
-A piloti area is the shared passage between individual units and garden spaces, opening to light, air, and social interaction.
-Multiple grids are oriented to adjacent roads, creating edges that address all corners of the site.
-Internal courtyards are adjusted to allow open sightlines between units, as well as project light patterns into the piloti area.
-The grids are integrated with curved and winding lines to create a dense, internal living environment. The resultant unit shapes offer residents variety and privacy, while benefi ting from shared gardens between.

Research By: Ben Thompson