West 8 | Borneo Sporenburg

Netherland | 2006? | Project Link


Zone animation


...model may be seen to orientate the city towards the individual primarily, with the ‘community’ as a secondary focus. However, by eliminating the ‘semi- public’ mediating zones of private gardens and parking spaces the house is brought into a very direct relation with the street, overlooking it directly and with front doors opening at one step onto the public realm.

West 8’s masterplan included 2300 units, demanding a 30%-50% “void” in each of the individual homes. Architects developed new typologies in which a small patio provided daylight penetration and personal outdoor space. While the patios are a domain for individual expression and privacy, they also make an indirect connection to the street and the quays. In the rough and open harbour landscape, the patios offer an unexpected and introverted world.

Research By: Catherine