Steven Holl | Barangay

Manila, Philippines | N/a | Project Link



Back from whence you came. Steven Holl may focus now on high-dollar architectural oddities, the consumerist excitement over walls that move about, giving the illusion of control over what is in fact a meticulously designed space. But once, long ago in the throes of populism and the social mode of the AA, he created a favela. A barangay, to be precise, a densely packed neighborhood for Manila. Like Cruz he provides a framework for community cooperation, the agglomeration of object, materials and spaces until the frame is filled. The temporal plenum of the barangay is not static, though. As community and personal needs change, pieces are moved about, businesses move down to a more prime piece of the frame, a child is born and a new room is created. Each act directly affects the adjacent space, and a domino pattern is begun, creating a neighborhood that is never finished, is never static, and is always leveraged to the hilt in a precarious form of equilibrium that borders on chaos.

Research By: Harding