User Documentation

Printable user instructions -- see file Fly_Carousel_Instructions.pdf

Set up

Serial Communications
Must be connected before starting the plugin. Carousel Imaging communicates with the motor controller via a serial cable. The cable attaches to a Keyspan serial-to-USB adaptor. As long as the Keyspan stays attached to the USB port on the left side of the keyboard the port name will not change. If the port does change the plugin will present the user with a list of ports and hints as to which port to choose. Keyspan serial adaptor ports have USA in the name. If that port does not work, the program dies.
Must be connected before starting the plugin. The bullet camera is connected to the comptuer through the Canopus ADC analog to digital converter. The converter is connected to the computer through a firewire cable. The port used does not matter. When the bullet camera is the input source the indicator light next to "Analog IN" will light. This is located under the silver button on front of the converter. If "Digital In" is indicated, press the silver button.
Monitor and VCR
Not necessary but recommended. Due to instability of Java and ImageJ it is a good idea to record to video tape. Connect the VCR to the ADC converter with and RCA component cable. Connect the monitor to the VCR with a component cable.
Other Considerations:

Known Bugs

  1. Image stream freezing or ImageJ crashes. These are NOT bugs in Carousel Imaging.
  2. Selecting "Cancel Grab" or "Cancel Plugin" does not release the QT stream correctly. Quit and restart ImageJ.