This page describes how to install the Fly Carousel and the required support on Mac OS X 10.2 and greater.

Use Jaguar or Panther install disks for system OS.

Install instructions:

  1. Install Jaguar or Panther and all security upgrades
  2. Create all user accounts. Create one non-administrative account and use this as the default. This will prevent any unwanted updtes of the computer.
  3. Install the RXTX lib and class files.
    1. Use package rxtx-2.1pre17. Place RXTXcomm.jar and libSerial.jnilib in /Library/Java/Extensions/. These are found in the folder 'source > third party jar files > Library > Java > Extensions'
    2. Issue the following commands in the terminal
      1. sudo mkdir /var/spool/uucp
      2. sudo chmod 775 /var/spool/uucp
      3. sudo niutil -appendprop / /groups/uucp users [user_name] 
        (replace with user "Short Name" from the "Accounts Preference Panel." Do this for every user account.)
  4. Install KeyspanUSAdrvr18 package.
  5. Restart the computer regardless of the Keyspan instructions.
  6. Install the ImageJ1.30 application in /Applications.
  7. Place the folder and it's contents 'edu' found in 'class flies' in 'Library > Java > Extensions'. Use the 'edu' folder located in FlyRXTX folder.
  8. Modify the file
    with a text editor. Replace the line
    with this one
    Save and close the file. In newer versions this file is /Applications/ImageJ1.30/ and the CLASSPATH line should be modified from
    and the JMVersion set to 1.3+.
  9. Connect the motor controller to the Keyspan and the camera to the Firewire port.
  10. Do some test runs.