Information about the camera script

The camera script is a plain text file. GELPICT1.TXT. The language is Digita Script for Digita OS. Not many cameras support this scripting, but it can be incredibly useful. FlashPoint Technology no longer supports Digita scripting. The best resource is Digita World. Here you will find script references and examples from many photographers.

A note: If you buy the Kodak DC290 Zoom, do not expect Kodak to provide the scripting software they mentioned on the web page. It took several weeks of e-mail and phone calls to get a CD with the program. Turns out they sent me an uncompiled CodeWarrior project!

Other Cameras

If you have a Minolta Dimage EX 1500, HP PhotoSmart C618, or HP PhotoSmart C912 camera you can use it in place of the Kodak DC290. The script will have to be modified. I do not have access to these cameras and cannot test the script on these other cameras.