Basic Blackboard Troubleshooting

Use the following hyperlinks to access common problems and solutions using Blackboard.

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Problem or issue not listed?

You can find solutions to other problems by going into the Blackboard Instructor Resource Center or Blackboard Student Resource Center. Both are available at UVAonline. Use their links for Quick and Easy Directions and Troubleshooting to find solutions for specific problems and tools.




A student can't access their course

Find out ...

  • If the student recently registered.
    • If so, explain that the student needs to wait up to 48 hours after they register before they appear in the system.
  • If the student knows how to login.
    • If not, set up a time to call them and walk them through the steps while they are online.


An instructor can't access their course

Find out ...

  • If the instructor knows how to login.
    • If not, set up a time to call them and walk them through the steps while they are online.
  • If the instructor has requested a course shell.
  • If the instructor's course is in the system by following these steps:
    1. Go to UVAonline.
    2. Click on the Administrator tab.
    3. Go to the area for List/Modify Courses.
    4. Use the search options to see if the course exists.
      • If the course doesn't come up, make sure the user has requested a course shell (and have them do it again if they think they already did it) by emailing
Discussion board problems

Discussion board problems are often due to text editor issues.

To correct this, talk through or email the user with the following steps:

    1. Log into UVAonline.
    2. Click on the Courses tab.
    3. In the Tools box, click on Personal Information.
      Click Set Visual Text Box Editor Options.
    4. Select the bullet next to Unavailable.
    5. Click the Submit button.

Since students are often graded for discussion board participation, you may want to ask the user to email you back to let you know if they can access their discussion board options now.


Email account - activation


Explain or email these steps to users who have not activated their UVA email account:

    1. Go to uvaononline.
    2. Go to the box to the left with troubleshooting links.
    3. Click on the second link down on activating their email account.

    Note that even if a student's account is not activated, the student should still be able to get into Blackboard. However, they will not be able to receive emails that the instructor mails to the class.


Final Grades - directions for instructors on how to submit them

Submitting final grades for a Blackboard course can involve two parts, depending on how the instructor manages their grades.

Before you provide a solution to the instructor, find out if the instructor is using the Blackboard Gradebook feature.

If they are, make sure they understand that they still need to follow the steps for submitting final grades to the Registrar, provided in the email text below.

Email the instructor the following steps for submitting final grades:

At the end of the semester, you should receive an official grade sheet for recording each student's final semester grade. You must submit this printed out grade sheet to the University Registrar Office forty-eight hours after your course's scheduled final exam.

Submit your completed grade sheet to the Registrar's Office:

The Office of the University Registrar, Carruthers Hall
South Entrance
1001 N. Emmet Street
P.O. Box 400203
Charlottesville, VA 22904-4203

Grade data in ISIS are updated nightly.

You can also use Toolkit to enter your final grades electronically. Note, however, that even when you do enter your students' final grades into Toolkit, you still need to print out the submission page to send to the Registrar.

If you have been using the Gradebook feature in Blackboard this semester, you can release final grades to your students in Blackboard, although you still need to process the printed out grade sheet for the Registrar.



Final grades - directions for students on how to access them

To access final grades for the semester, a student should log into ISIS to access their transcript.

If their instructor has been using the Gradebook feature in Blackboard, explain or email that the student can access their final grade - if the instructor has posted them - by following these steps:

    1. Log into UVAonline.
    2. Click on Course Tools/My Grades.


Login problems

Find out if...



To see if a student is registered with the university...

  1. Go to
  2. Use the search options to enter the student's name or UVA ID to see if they are registered.
  3. If not, the student needs to register before they can get into their course.

If you find that the student's name in the system is different from how the student gives their name, the student needs to contact the registrar so that that information can be changed in ISIS.



To see if a student or instructor is set up or enrolled in a course...

    1. At, click on the System Administrator tab.
    2. Go to the Users box.
    3. Click on the List/Modify User link.
    4. In the search field that comes up, click on the option for the user's last name.
    5. Enter the user's last name into the search field. This will bring up a listing of users who meet your search criteria.
    6. Compare the user name and email with the information the user gave you.
    7. If the information matches, click on the Properties button.
    8. Scroll down and check to make sure the user's roles are appropriate and made available. Make changes as necessary.
    9. Click on the Back arrow in your browser.
    10. Click on the Courses button.
      • In the listing that comes up, make sure the course the user is trying to get into is listed.
      • If the course is listed, click on the Modify button to make sure the user's role is appropriately defined.
      • If you find that the user is listed in another course, click here.
      • If it appears the user name may have been entered incorrectly into Blackboard, click on the Properties button and make the appropriate changes in the fields provided.
    11. Email the user to let them know that their information has been adjusted or to let them know what their correct user name, etc. should be.



If the user is listed in a course different from the one they think they should be in...

  1. Explain to the user that you will need an email from the instructor of the course they are supposed to be in to confirm that the student should be in that course.
  2. Once you receive a confirming email from the instructor, go into UVAonline/Systems Admin tab.
  3. Go to the area for List/Modify Courses.
  4. Click on Properties to add the student to the course.
  5. Email the student to let them know they should be in the course now.


Password doesn't work

Find out if...

  • The user is using the password they have setup for access to UVAonline, not their UVA email address.
  • The user has an active UVA email account by looking them up in the search field on

If necessary,re-set the user's password.



To reset a password...

  1. At, click on the System Administrator tab.
  2. Go to the Users box.
  3. Click on the List/Modify User link.
  4. In the search field that comes up, use the options below it to choose the type of data you want to use for accessing the user having trouble with their password.
  5. Enter the user name or other data you are using to identify the user. This will bring up a listing of users who meet your search criteria.
  6. Click the Password button next to the listing of users.
  7. Enter the password that the user thinks it should be, as indicated by their email, or create one to reset it.
  8. Email the user with their new or corrected password.


Elluminate - Audio or Mic doesn't work

For users having trouble with their mic or audio in Elluminate, email or walk through the following solutions with the user:

  • Go to the menu along the top of the Elluminate interface to select Tools/Audio/Audio Setup Wizard. This needs to be done each time you go into Elluminate
  • Check your mic connection by unplugging and plugging it in again.
  • Reboot your computer and go back into Elluminate - it will be necessary to run the Audio Setup Wizard again.


Elluminate - UVA network is down

As a policy, we want instructors to access Elluminate through Blackboard. However, if for some reason Blackboard or the network is down, explain or email these steps for the instructor to follow as a "special emergency access solution":

    1. Login to your course.
    2. Click on the course link that brings you to area for accessing your course's Elluminate session.
    3. Right click the link for the Elluminate session and select Copy Link location.
    4. Email this link to yourself and your students to use to access the scheduled Elluminate class session.