A Miracle of St. Benedict

This short text is an excerpt from the translation of Pope Gregory the Great's Dialogues by Wærferth, Bishop of Worcester (872-915). It tells how St. Benedict helped some local workmen lift a stone, demonstrating that a saint could be useful not only for great tasks, such as healing the sick and driving out devils, but also for more ordinary ones, such as building a house. For a complete text of Wærferth's translation, see Hans Hecht, ed., Bischof Wærferths von Worcester Übersetzung der Dialoge Gregors des Grossen, Bibliothek der angelsächsischen Prosa, 5 (1900; rpt. Darmstadt, 1965).

Read this text carefully and then proceed to the exercise, which will ask you some questions about the nouns it contains.

Remember: Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac) to look up definitions and other information about the words and clauses in the reading. Leave the dialog box on the screen while you work.