Wulfstan: The Apostles' Creed

Every Christian was expected to be able to recite the Lord's Prayer and the Creed, which together contained the basic tenets of the faith. This version of the Creed is from a short sermon entitled To Eallum Folke by Wulfstan (d. 1023), bishop of Worcester and archbishop of York. For a complete text of the sermon, see The Homilies of Wulfstan, ed. Dorothy Bethurum (Oxford, 1957), no. VIIa.

Read this text carefully and then proceed to the exercise, which will ask you some questions about the verbs it contains. Pay special attention to the mood of the finite verbs. Can you always tell the difference between the indicative and subjunctive? Where you can tell the difference, can you decide what the indicative or the subjunctive is doing?

Remember: Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Mac) to look up definitions and other information about the words and clauses in the reading. Leave the dialog box on the screen while you work.