Old English Poetry

These texts are from The Labyrinth. Originally from text supplied to the Oxford Text Archive by O.D. Macrae-Gibson, they were marked up in HTML by Tony Jebson in 1994, in accordance with the standards of that time. In the texts below the original markup has been stripped out and replaced by modern, standards-compliant markup, CSS formatting supplied, the ISO 8859-1 encoding converted to UTF-8 (Unicode), font embedding enabled (for most browsers), and a few mobile-friendly features added.

These texts are the result of the automated conversion of 349 computer files; the alphabetical index below was automatically created from these files. It is unfortunately impossible to guarantee that the scripts have worked properly for every line of every text or that errors of omission or commission have not occurred. Please write to the keeper of the "Old English at UVA" website if you spot any errors or problems.