Office Hours and Tutoring

Office Hours for Course Help

Your professor and the teaching assistants will hold weekly office hours. You can ask questions about homework or about lecture material. We will not work out the homework for you, but will try to guide you.

Email policy: We will not use email to discuss individual questions on physics problems.  Bring your questions to the instructors and TAs during office hours and they will be happy to offer guidance.

TA office hours are held in Physics Building room 220 unless otherwise specified and are listed below.   Faculty office hours are held our Physics Building offices.  Note: Office hours may change from week to week to reflect changes in schedules and make additional meeting opportunities for students who have schedules conflicting with the typical hours.  Check this calendar for up to date information.  Students registered for this course can go to office hours from any of the TA's for this course.

Do you want to find a tutor?

If you want to hire a tutor, please contact the Receptionist's office in the Physics building for a list of tutors. This is NOT a curated or suggested list, but only a catelog of private individuals who have contacted the department advertising their services.

TA's and Office Hours

TA email
Saikat Bera sb5xa
Jie Qi jq4xa
Puhan Zhang pz4ee

Jonathan Park jp4pc

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