Student Response System Transmitters
Additional Information

Lecture Quizzes (iClickers). Quizzes will be given throughout the lecture. The format is that the question will be posted, the student will be given a minute or so to answer the multiple choice question. Three percent of the grade will depend on the number of satisfactory responses given during the semester.
Each correct answer will be awarded 2 points, while an incorrect response will be awarded 1 point to encourage participation. The Lecture quiz contribution to the final course score will be taken as 3% times the ratio of the total clicker points accumulated over the course of the semester to 60% of the total clicker points available, but to a maximum of 3%.
Example: Assume an average of 4 questions are asked in each of the 25 lectures, for a total of 200 Lecture Quiz points possible over the semester. A iClicker point total of 120 or more would lead to full credit for the Lecture Quiz portion of the grade (3%), while a point total of 100 would translate to a contribution of 100/120*3% = 2.5%.
Policy on forgetting, misplacing, or losing transmitters! No allowances will be given to students who, for whatever reason, do not use their transmitter in class. It is your responsibility to bring the transmitter to every class and to have an extra battery. If you lose your transmitter, you should obtain a new one ASAP and report your new transmitter number to your professor. You will loose all credit in the meantime.
Policy on coming to class late and missing a quiz! For whatever reason, you will receive a grade of zero if you do not respond to any quiz.
Policy on excused absences: Single absences will not be accounted for. Should you have multiple missed classes that should be excused you should bring this to the attention of your instructor along with your excuse. A couple of missed clicker days cannot effect your grade by more than a tiny fraction of a percent (after missing 40% of the clicks), so it simply isn't worth keeping track of a few absences. Multiple misses can add up, so if you make a habit out of missing class it could affect your final score at the end of the Semester.
Policy on using someone else's transmitter. It will be considered an honor offense to use another student's transmitter in class. Any student who sees another student use two transmitters, for example, should challenge the student and report it as an honor offense.
Clicker Registration: Register your clicker in UVaCollab using the link titled: i>clicker