22nd International Symposium, Exhibit & Workshops on
Preparative and Process Chromatography
Ion Exchange, Adsorption Processes & Related Separation Techniques

Loews Hotel, Philadelphia, PA, USA - July 19-22, 2009


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PREP 2009 - Premier arena for the presentation and discussion of the latest developments in preparative chromatography, separation science and technology

Chromatography will continue to play a critical role in chemical and biochemical manufacturing from the gram scale to the multiple ton scale, and we are confident that the PREP symposia series will continue to be the premier arena for the presentation and discussion of the latest developments in the preparative separation science and technology communities.

PREP 2009 Best Poster Competition Results

Best Poster Award First Place Presented to:

P-139 Owen R. T. Thomas, University of Birmingham, UK, "Interrogating Expanded Beds with Positrons"

Best Poster Runner-up Award Presented to:

P-114 Keith Selvitelli, Biogen Idec, "Application of a Novel Affinity Adsorbent for the Capture and Purification of Recombinant FVIII Compounds"

P-128 Wai Keen Chung, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, "Investigation of Multimodal Chromatography using Homologous Protein Libraries"

P-232 Mark J. Hayward, Lundbeck Research USA, Inc., In Preparative Scale Gradient Reversed-phase Liquid Chromatography, Loadability and Peak Shape as a Function of pH and Buffer Concentration for Basic Compounds"

The PREP Symposium strives to provide the participants with a stage to present and discuss the very latest scientific and technological advances in preparative and process chromatography, with an exposure to the latest chromatography products available on the market, and with opportunities for training and continuing education.

The meeting will include:

  • A Strong Applications-Oriented Workshop Program
  • A Vendor Exhibit Providing Access to the Latests Advances on the Market
  • A Rich Scientific Program Addressing Advances in All Fields of Application
  • A Poster Session Designed to Get into Deeper Discussions
  • Topics Include:
  • - Industrial case studies in protein chromatography
    - Industrial case studies in chiral and small-scale prep
    - Prep chromatography in pharmaceutical discovery and development
    - New and improved stationary phases for small and large molecules
    - Continuous chromatography and SMB systems
    - Advances in the theory of chromatography
    - Advances in the optimization of chromatographic separations
    - New and improved experimental techniques

    An all-inclusive symposium for scientists, process engineers, project engineers, process chemists, research chemists, managers, academicians, entrepreneurs, technical sales personnel, directors, vice presidents, and specialists who use or would like more practical information about Industrial and Lab Scale Separations, those involved in the practice of using state-of-the-art Chromatography Processes for Economic Production, and those who want the Know-How to Leverage the Frontiers of Separation Science.

    Researchers with new results in areas relevant to the meeting topics are encouraged to submit abstracts for consideration for lecture and/or poster presentation. We are striving to ensure the broadest possible coverage and exchange of recent advances. Please submit abstracts electronically following the Abstract Submission link. If you do not have access to the web, you may submit by e-mail to Abstract length--approximately 300 words.

    Training workshops will be held the Sunday preceding the meeting and will be coordinated into two day-long courses:

  • Small Molecule Chromatography
  • Biomolecule Chromatography
  • Each course will address small-scale prep and manufacturing scale processing providing a better understanding of the fundamental and practical issues involved in the design of prep units and training in the tools needed to apply chromatographic technologies to industrial manufacturing. The two courses will combine in a joint session addressing regulatory and product quality aspects. Follow the Workshop Program link for more information.

    A key part of PREP 2009 is the Exhibit, which provides access to the latest advances on the market. The program is structured to ensure participants have ample opportunities to meet commercial suppliers who will feature state-of-the-art instrumentation, equipment, packing media, columns, etc. in the closely integrated lecture and poster/trade display areas within the facility. Exhibitors will have the opportunity to present vendor workshops as part of the program on a space-available basis. Follow the Exhibit Program link for more details and to reserve booth and vendor workshop space

    Follow the link to Meeting and Hotel Registration to find out how to register.