Program Expectations:

What can you expect to do during spring?
    Preparing for the summer!
    • Meetings with Prof. group to select a research project.
    • Background reading on particle physics and the specific project.
    • Obtaining the accounts and permissions to do research at Fermilab.
    • Review of basic computing skills - Linux, C++. ROOT.
        (Ideally the student will be taking or have already taken PHYS 2660)

How will the summer months be spent?
    A research experience at Fermilab!
    • Students will live and work at or near Fermilab.
    • Students will be expected to work "full time".
    • This work should be primarily research, but should also include taking advantage of everything Fermilab has to offer:
      • Research talks for summer undergraduate students
      • Tours of the lab facilities
      • Social activities hosted at the lab
    • And, of course, Chicago is less than an hour from Fermilab and is a great city to explore in the summer.

Most importantly, what is expected of you during fall?
    Completion and presentation of your research!
    • You will be expected to take a three-hour credit of PHYS 3995 with Prof. Group.
    • For credit you will complete your project and write a paper on your results.
        (Depending on how things went and your availability in the spring semester we may consider publication in a refereed journal.)
    • You will be expected to present your results at a physics conference.

Note: If your research is going well, there may be oppurtunity to continue on with your work the following spring and beyond.
    This is not an expectation of the program, but it might be possible if you are enjoying your work and productive.
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