What is compensatory education?


Compensatory education may be offered or ordered if the District denies a student a free

appropriate public education (FAPE). If an IEP team, due process specialist or hearing

officer determines that the student has not received services as written into the student's

IEP, or that the District failed to provide an adequate program which resulted in a loss of

educational opportunity for the child, compensatory education may be offered.

Compensatory education may include extended school-year services, additional therapy

sessions, or other remedial measures in response to a student's identified needs.

Compensatory education is intended to be a one time offer to compensate for past failures

to adequately serve the student and is not meant to provide ongoing services for future



What does "stay put" mean?


When a parent disagrees with an IEP and files for due process, the student is to continue

to receive the placement and services in the last agreed upon and implemented IEP during

the due process proceedings. This is commonly known as "stay put." If the parent

disagrees with any portion of the IEP, the District may implement the agreed upon

portions of the IEP. Stay put may apply for the disputed portions of the IEP depending on

the facts of the case. Contact the Due Process Department if a situation arises where you

are unclear as to what would be stay put.