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    RSV 2007 Symposium Program Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission Guidelines
Deadline: August 1, 2007

1). Compose an abstract and save as a Word document

  • make sure the “.doc” extension appears at the end of the filename

    2). Fonts

  • for normal text use Arial (size 11)
  • Greek/scientific symbols use Symbol (size 11)
  • superscript 1,2,3, etc for author notation (see example)

    3). Abstract not to exceed 2000 characters

    4). The abstract must follow this format:

  • Section (see issue 5 below)
  • Title
  • List of authors (with submitting author underlined)
  • List of authors’ institutional affiliations
  • Body of abstract

    (click here to see a sample abstract)

    5). The top of the abstract must indicate one of the following sections

  • Viral Structure, Entry, Replication and Cell Biology
  • Immunology – Innate and Adaptive
  • Pathogenesis
  • Pathogenesis II and Pulmonary Aspects of RSV
  • Vaccines and Clinical aspects of RSV
  • Therapeutics

    6). Proof the document closely -- paying special attention to Greek/scientific symbols because these submissions will be published in the Abstracts Books.

    When steps 1-6 have been completed, forward the document as an email attachment to

    Deadline: August 1, 2007
    Deadline Poster Only Presentation: August 30, 2007

    Questions about abstracts can also be forwarded to


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