Reading First: A Guide to Fluency Instruction

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Fluency is the ability to read words quickly with accuracy and expression.

pix Fluency is an important but often overlooked component of literacy instruction. Extensive research has shown that fluent reading results in improved comprehension. Given this crucial reading component, we have created the following guide to address fluency assessment as well as a variety of instructional activities to meet the fluency needs of your students.

Assessing Fluency
Fluency instruction should begin with the assessment of the current fluency levels of your students. This section of the guide provides you with the information and tools you need to conduct fluency assessments.

Instructional Activities to Increase Reading Speed
Research has verified the importance of repeated and monitored oral reading in building reading speed. The activities described in this section are particularly helpful in increasing reading speed, although many will improve reading expression as well.

Instructional Activities to Increase Reading Expression
This section focuses primarily on building expressive reading. Each activity discussed involves repeated reading of text, a practice research has demonstrated improves both reading fluency and overall reading achievement.
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Pictorial Case Study: Fluency in the Classroom

Please feel free to download and use any of the activities and information that we have provided. You may contact the Reading First office at the University of Virginia if you have any questions.

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