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As we all know, teaching comprehension is one of the most difficult tasks facing teachers in our schools. Each section (below) will demonstrate a strategy (or strategies) that will help you with comprehension instruction in your classrooms.

There is a downloadable text for each.

For coaches: The Non-Fiction Reading Comprehension demonstration is accompanied by a guide that you can use for making these videos part of an interactive training session.

Page 1 - Three part video: Using Graphic Organizers with Narrative and Expository Text

Downloadable text: Narrative Story Map

Page 2 - One video: Using Questions to Enhance Comprehension

Downloadable text: Continuum of Questions

Page 3 - Three part video: Nonfiction Reading Comprehension

This demonstration was filmed in a third grade social studies class. The children were using a textbook that could not be read by some in the class. Dr. Tom Gill, from West Chester University of Pennsylvania, taught the targeted concept and SOL through text sets that were selected to match the children’s instructional reading levels. The text was also used, but as a read-aloud.

Downloadable text: Semantic Maps

Downloadable Text: Guide to Non Fiction Reading Comprehension Video

Downloadable text: Using Text Sets (from institute)

Page 4 - One video: Text Sets and Book Rooms

Downloadable text: Creating a Bookroom

Downloadable text: Choosing Informational Text

Downloadable text: Different Types of Texts

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