Deborah A. Roach
Plant Evolutionary Ecology
University of Virginia - Biology Department - Gilmer Hall Room 047
Office: (434)982-4858 Lab: (434)982-5273


Curriculum Vitae

M.S. thesis: "Buried Seed and Standing Vegetation in Two Adjacent Tundra Habitats, Northern Alaska". Ph.D. thesis: "Ecological Genetics of Life History Components in Geranium carolinianum".
Magna cum laude graduate in Biology. B.A. Undergraduate thesis: "Anatomical, Reproductive, and Physiological Features of Early Colonizing Alpine Plant Species".

PROFESSOR, Department of Biology, University of Virginia 2014-present
ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR, Department of Biology, University of Virginia 2005-2014
ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, Department of Biology, University of Virginia 1998-2005
RESEARCH ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, Department of Zoology, Duke University 1987-1998
ASSISTANT DEAN, Natural Sciences, Duke University 1987-1990
NIH POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW, Department of Zoology, Duke University 1984-1987


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