Spring 2014

Section One

Course Time : Lecture: Tu,Th, 9:30 - 10:45 , Room 203, Physics Building

Instructor: Professor Robert Hirosky

Office 101, HEP Phyics Lab. Office telephone: 982-5721

Email address: rjh2j@virginia.edu

Office Hours: XXXXX
(Note: office hours held in room 302 of physics building)

Section Two

Course Time : Lecture: Tu,Th, 11:00 - 12:15 , Room 203, Physics Building

Instructor: Professor Nilanga Liyanage

Office 321, Physics Building. Office telephone: 924-6596

Email address: nl8n@virginia.edu

Office Hours: Tuesdays (11am - noon) and Wednesdays (2.00-3.00 PM)

Lecture Notes for either section: will be posted on UVaCollab after the lecture

Email Communications
If you have exemption/extension/score correction requests for homework or clicker quizzes based on valid excuses, please email the course grader, Dan Matyas (djm4ch), with a copy to your instructor. Exemption requests for section quizzes should be directed to your section TA with a copy to you instructor.

Midterm Exams
Three midterm tests will be given at the dates and times shown in the syllabus. The tests will be administered during regular class time. The tests will consist of multiple choice questions.

Final Exam
Section I : May 3rd, 2-5 pm
Section II : May 2nd, 9am - noon
Final exams will be held in Room PHY-203 (the regular class room)

Physics 4th edition with Mastering Physics, by James S. Walker,is available at UVa bookstore. If you don't already have one, you will also need to purchase a transmitter (iClicker) that will be used in lecture class (see below). You need to register online using your computing ID in order to use Mastering Physics.The course ID will be sent by e-mails by the instructor of your section. Click here for registration.

Office Hours for Help
Faculty members and teaching assistants have office hours. You can ask questions about homework or about lecture material. We will not work out the homework for you, but will try to guide you. Office hours can sometimes be crowded. They are not really a tutoring session. TA office hours (note that all TA office hours are held in room 220 in the physics building)

Student Response System Transmitters (Clickers)
Every student will be required to have an iClicker transmitter in class to personally respond to various conceptual and/or numerical questions throughout the lectures. Two percent of your grade in Sect. 1 will be derived from your performance in the quizzes given during lectures. The transmitters allow you to respond anonymously; they are for sale at the Newcomb Hall University Bookstore. You might be able to sell the transmitters back to the bookstore when the class is finished.

Click here for further important information.

When you have purchased your transmitter, you must register its ID number so we can know when to credit you for answering.
The transmitter registration is done via UVaCollab . Do your registration right away, quiz scores will become relevant starting in the third class Jan. 22nd.

Course Objectives
The aim of this course is to teach you concepts and understanding of the physical world. Doing problem solving is an important part of this course, and your grade will depend on your ability to understand concepts and to solve problems. An understanding of the material is crucial to your ability in problem solving, as is the acquisition of a set of skills about problem solving. The lectures are oriented towards helping you understand the concepts and how to solve problems. We will perform many demonstrations and solve several examples and problems in class and during the discussion section.

Reading Assignments
Reading assignments for each lecture are listed in the syllabus. Read each assignment before the lecture and again as soon as possible after the lecture. It is crucial that you read the assigned text before class. Your instructor will assume that you are already familiar with the basic definitions and new ideas in the text and will not attempt full coverage of this material. Instead, your instructor will focus on the most important concepts, and material that the students find challenging or interesting. Attending the lectures and seeing demonstrations is an important way for you to understand the material. Doing the assigned homework problems as well as attending the problem sessions is an important way to acquire problem-solving skills. You must be enrolled in the problem session in addition to the lecture. Quizzes will be given during the problem session. Note that a significant part of your grade depends on these quizzes.

Reading Quizzes
In order to encourage your pre-class reading, there will be a pre-class reading quiz posted online (Collab under the "Tests and Quizzes" tab) for most reading assignment (see the syllabus). These reading quizzes are due on the morning of class by 9am. There will be no excuses or deadline extensions for these quizzes. Your participation in these quizzes is worth 2% of your final grade. The pre-class reading quizzes will not be rigorously grades, your grade will be based on the fraction that you turn in. However, they will be randomly sampled each week for quality.
If you are caught answering these quizzes with gibberish for even one assignment you will receive zero credit for reading quizzes for the entire semester! So, it is best to either take your reading quiz seriously or don't take it at all.

Homework Assignments: MPGROUP20202014
Students will be expected to work and study outside the classroom. The problems will be posted and available on MasteringPhysics (MP course ID is
MPGROUP20202014), and the responses will be given on MasteringPhysics. Note that most -- but not all -- homework assignments are from end of chapter problems in the textbook.

We are using MasteringPhysics for the homework, and you must submit your answers on MasteringPhysics. Because the numbers in the problems are randomized, you must log on to MasteringPhysics with your login and password and obtain your personal assignment for the week. Please note each week how many submissions you are allowed. Your last submission is the one graded. Note that you must finish by the posted time on the due date or your grade will be zero.


Final grades will be determined by the following distribution:

Final Exam


Three Midterm Exams




Problem Session Quizzes


Quizzes in Lecture (iClicker)


Pre-Class Reading Quizzes


Course Rules and Regulations
It is important for students to be aware of these rules and regulations which may change throughout the course. Changes will be announced in class, and all changes will be listed on the UvaCollab site. Students are responsible for keeping up with the Course Rules and Regulations as stated on the website.

In general, assignments and notices will be listed on the course webpage. This includes, but is not limited to, homework assignments, syllabus changes, course rules and regulations changes and additions, dates and times of any review sessions, and material to be covered on class exams.

  1. Illness (as an excuse) must always be established in writing (e-mail is acceptable).

  2. No makeup exams will be given. There will be no rescheduling of exams or quizzes. Missed exams receive a grade of zero unless an excuse for missing the exam is given to and accepted by the professor before the exam. In very unusual circumstances, when an exam is excused, the remaining exams will be averaged. Students should not depend on this happening.

  3. Homework is due when posted on MasteringPhysics. No extra credit or makeup assignments will be given. Keep up! Any request for an extension should be made before the due date, not after.

  4. Each week there will be a graded quiz in your problem session that contributes to your final grade. Missed quizzes receive a grade of zero unless an excuse for missing the quiz is given to and accepted by the teaching assistant before the quiz.

  5. Collaboration on homework problems: We encourage you to discuss homework problems with each other and to work out together methods of solution. Our experience has been that it is valuable for you to work the homework problems by yourself before seeking help. The homework answer that you submit to MasteringPhysics must be your own that you calculate. It is an honor violation for you to copy another person's solution.

  6. Attendance policy: Attendance is not taken, but you are responsible for all assigned material, whether it is presented in lecture or not. You are also responsible for knowing the problem assignments and for any announcements of changes in the schedule that may be made in lecture.

  7. See the section on Student Response System Transmitters for policy considering the transmitters.

  8. The following is unacceptable in class: newspaper reading, cell phones ringing or in use, use of laptop computers or other personal electronic devices for any reason other than directly for the class.

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