Lab Goals

Adapted Patrice's bio.

[The lab's research] is [in the field] of Integrative Neuroscience, a discipline that seeks to understand how the brain processes specific types of information. The laboratory studies how the mammalian brain regulates respiration and blood pressure, two physiological processes that are dysfunctional in very common diseases (hypertension, obesity, apneic syndromes, heart failure, etc.). The work consists of identifying relevant neuronal networks in rodents using electrophysiologic and neuroanatomic methods. The main focus is on a region of the brainstem that provides the chemical drive to breathe and contains the neurons that maintain blood pressure.

Old Lab Website

Here is a prior website for the lab. Note the simple background. Also note the fact that it appears to be >10 years out of date.

Patrice's medicine page

Limited publications. Note the lack of hyperlinks. Note the lack of pictures.


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