REU Faculty Mentors

REU faculty mentors include a dozen world-class faculty in the area of multi-scale systems bioengineering, drawn from a variety of departments at the University of Virginia: Biomedical Engineering, Biology, Computer Science, Systems & Information Engineering, and Molecular Physiology & Biophysics. Over the past several years, these faculty mentors have averaged over 10 publications per year that include at least one undergraduate lead author or co-author. Several of these publications have won best paper awards in conference proceedings competitions, and numerous undergraduate coauthored papers were published in high-profile journals including Science, Nature Cell Biology, Neuron, Nature Neuroscience, Molecular Systems Biology, and PLOS Computational Biology, among many others. This extraordinary level of undergraduate research accomplishment reflects the integral role that undergraduates play in the labs of the multi-scale systems bioengineering faculty at U.Va., as well as the commitment and ability of these faculty to train undergraduates and involve them as critical components of their research programs.

The REU mentors and their departments and research areas include: