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Websites for Specific Content Support

Sometimes a classroom activity may be too difficult for an ELL newcomer and some independent work on a website is more useful for that student. These websites may be used independently, once you or a buddy have shown the student how to use them. These sites may also be useful for remediation, both at school or at home. (Programs like Computers4Kids can help students obtain a computer for home use.)

Literacy | Vocabulary | Math | Science | Social Studies

  1. Literacy

  2. Alphabet
    Literacy Games Books to Read Online

    Leveled Printable Book Subscription Service

    • - leveled books, all grade levels. For Spanish and French speakers, many titles can be printed in both English and Spanish or French allowing students to preview and review in their native language.
    • - leveled audio books subscription

    Study Preparation

  3. Vocabulary

  4. Math

  5. Science

  6. Social Studies
  7. Literacy | Vocabulary | Math | Science | Social Studies