Topics in French Cinema:
Reel Life Stories/Histoires réelles

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Read about the exciting work students did in "Reel Life Stories" in Fall 2011!
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Documentary film is the opposite of fiction film. Or is it? Are the stories told in documentary film are more “real” or “true” than fictional stories? Do documentarians have a moral imperative to tell the “truth”? Is it possible to tell the truth in cinema? In this course, we will examine a variety of films from France and the French-speaking world that purport to tell stories that are “real” or “true.” You will have the opportunity to explore questions about film, communication, truth, and reality in the broadest sense. In this course, you will adopt the perspective of a scholar-practitioner, reading widely in French history, film history, and film theory as well as engaging in the creation of your own digital documentary work. In the process, you will develop your critical thinking, analytical skills, and creative self-expression in oral and written French.

Admission to the course is by instructor permission. For questions, contact the instructor To request permission to enroll, please fill out this form.

Prerequisite: FREN 3584 or instructor permission

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