09/2018 Our paper on Resilience Assessment of OpenPilot Autonomous Driving Agent will appear in PRDC 2018.

Samin and Yongming won the second place in the ECE Graduate Student Research Poster competition!

We were awarded a NRT (NSF Research Traineeship) grant to launch a graduate program in Cyber-Physical Systems at the UVA Link Lab,
PI: Jack Stankovic. [UVA SEAS]

I am serving on the program committee of the ICCPS 2019.
06/2018 We presented an early prototype of our "Cognitive Assistant System for Emergency Response" at the 2018 NIST PSCR Stakeholder Meeting. [Video][In Press: IWCE's Urgent Communications, UVA SEAS]

Our work on the Safety of Robotic Surgery was mentioned in the Medical Training Magazine and Virginia Business Magazine.

We received two Research Innovation Awards on from UVA SEAS.

I am serving on the program committee of DSN 2019 and the organizing committee of WoSoCer 2018.

Our research on the safety of robotic surgery was featured in the UVA Today and the UVA's Student Newspaper, Cavalier Daily.
04/2018 We were awarded a Graudate Medical Education (GME) Innovation grant from UVA Health System for "Development of a New Simulation-Based Training Method for Robot Assisted Surgery".
PIs: Inki Kim (SIE), Homa Alemzadeh (ECE), Noah Schenkman (Urology), Leigh Cantrell (Obstetrics and Gynecology), Jose Oberholzer (Surgery)
02/2018 We have moved to the new Link Lab! [In Press: CBS 19, radioIQ, UVA Today]

The RAVEN surgical robot was delivered to the UVA Link Lab!
12/2017 We are organizing a new workshop on Dependable and Secure Machine Learning (DSML) at the DSN 2018.

I am serving on the program committee of the 7th Medical CPS Workshop.
10/2017 I am serving on the program committee of SELSE 2018.
09/2017 I am serving on the program committee of HotSoS 2018 (Symposium and Bootcamp on the Science of Security).
08/2017 We were awarded an NSF SCH EAGER grant for "Implantable Medical Devices and Body Area Networks: A System Resilience by Construction Approach". PI: Jim Aylor (ECE), Co-PI: Homa Alemzadeh

Our paper on the "Safety of Machine Learning: Cyber-Physical Systems, Decision Sciences, and Data Products" appears in the Big Data Journal.
07/2017 I am serving on the program committee of DSN 2018.

We received a Research Innovation Award on "Machine Learning in Adversarial Contexts" from UVA SEAS.
PI: David Evans (CS), Co-PIs: Homa Alemzadeh, Quanquan Gu (CS), Mohammad Mahmoody (CS), and Yanjun Qi (CS).
06/2017 I was invited to attend the 72th meeting of IFIP Working Group 10.4 on Dependable Computing and Fault Tolerance.

Our proposal on "Cognitive Assistant Systems for Emergency Response", was funded by NIST PSIAP.
PI: Homa Alemzadeh, Co-PIs: Ronald Williams (ECE), Jack Stankovic (CS). [In Press: NIST News]
05/2017 I received the William C. Carter PhD Dissertation Award in Dependability. [In Press: CSL News]
01/2017 I am serving on the program committee of ISSRE 2017 and the organizing committee of WoSoCer 2017.

I joined UVA as an Assistant Professor in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Systems and Information Engineering