Dependable Computing Systems

ECE/CS 4434/6434 - SYS 4582/6582
Spring 2018


Computing systems are used in various critical domains including aerospace, energy, transportation, healthcare, and commerce. Failures of these systems may lead to catastrophic consequences such as injury, loss of life, damage to equipment, or financial loss.
This course focuses on techniques for designing and analyzing dependable computing systems that can continue to operate correctly in the presence of software and hardware problems. We will learn what can go wrong, how we can predict, prevent, and detect faults/errors, and how we can design systems that can tolerate faults and recover from failures.


Time: Tue/Thu 5:00-6:15pm
Location: Olsson Hall 011
Office Hours: TBD
Collab Site: Under Construction

Pre-requisites: This course is intended for graduate and senior-level undergraduate students. A basic knowledge of probability and computer architecture is required. A working knowledge of programming is required for homework and mini projects.
Undergraduate requirements: APMA 3100 or APMA 3110 - CS 3330 or ECE 4435 (co-req) - ECE 3430 (preferred)


Class Participation/Activity5%
-- Short presentations on real-world reliability/safety/security incidents/issuesUG: 5% - GRAD: 5%
-- Paper PresentationsUG: 0% - GRAD: 10%
HomeworkUG: 25% - GRAD: 15%
Final Project30%
Midterm Exam15%
Final Exam (Take Home)20%