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Workshop Seminar Series in American Politics

The workshop features work-in-progress presented by visiting scholars of American Politics, University of Virginia graduate students and University of Virginia faculty. The workshop will meet on Fridays, 12-1:30 in Cabell 226. The seminar series alternates with the Miller Center American Political Development Colloquia.

Fall 2005 Schedule

8.25 Reception: welcome to American Politics at UVa
  join faculty and graduate students to welcome new and returning members of the AP community and hear about plans for the coming year!
9.2 APSA meeting in Washington, D.C.
  UVa reception 7pm Saturday, Omni Shoreham
9.16 Miller Center, Anthony S. Chen, University of Michigan
9.23 Seminar 12-1:30 Michele Claibourn (Politics)
  Hearing the Campaign: Candidate Messages, Public Perceptions, and Public Priorities
9.30 Seminar 12-1:30 Sidney M. Milkis and Jesse H. Rhodes (Politics)
  George W. Bush, the Republican Party, and the “New” American Party System
  Discussant: James Ceaser (Politics)
10.7 Seminar 12-1:30 Zach Courser (Politics)
  Wal-Mart and the Politics of American Retail
  Discussant: Lynn Sanders (Politics)
10.14 Seminar 12-1:30 John Transue, Duke University (Political Science)
  Identity Salience, Identity Acceptance, and Policy Particularism's Effects on Racial Policy Attitudes
  Discussant: Margarita Krochik (Psychology)
10.21 Miller Center, Stephen Skowronek, Yale University
10.28 Seminar 12-1:30 Dan DiSalvo (Politics)
  The Progressive Era GOP: Destroyed by Factionalism
  Practice Job Talk (no discussant)
11.4 Miller Center, Eric Rauchway, University of California, Davis, History
11.11 Miller Center, James Hershberg and Chen Jian
11.18 Josh Dunn and Martha Derthick
11.25 THANKSGIVING recess
12.1 Alan Gerber, Political Science, Yale University
  note THURSDAY 12-1:30 meeting time
12.2 Miller Center, Lynn Sanders (Politics)


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