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>> DC Information on Olmsted:

>> University's GIS Resources:

All located on: http://fisher.lib.virginia.edu

*** The Virginia Gazetteer: http://fisher.lib.virginia.edu/collections/gis/vagaz/
[Digital Maps, USGS maps, Aerial Photoraphy and more]
US Census Bureau: http://factfinder.census.gov

>> General Map Resources:

*** Great Zooms from Space: zoom into Washington: http://www.gsfc.nasa.gov/topstory/20010419landsatimaging.html
terraserver (usa satellite image database): http://terraserver.homeadvisor.msn.com
usgs earth shots (satellite images of environmental change): http://edc.usgs.gov/earthshots/slow/tableofcontents
*** usgs city images: http://edcw2ks15.cr.usgs.gov:8090/ImageGallery/SilverStream/Pages/pgImageDisplay.html?CollectionID=14
space imaging hi-res satellite: http://www.spaceimaging.com
*** nasa site: http://visibleearth.nasa.gov/

*** Distric of Columbia GIS webpage: http://www.draft.dcgis.com/
[Great layered maps of DC]

>> Washington DC Federal Government::

National Capital Planning Commission: http://www.ncpc.gov
[Click planning initiatives, go to the report: Extending the Legacy: Planning America's Capital for the 21st Century]
National Park Service, Monumental Core and District Park System: http://www.nps.gov/nacc/index.html
Architect of the Capitol. Includes Bibliography and DC Guide Information: www.aoc.gov
Library of Congress main page: http://lcweb.loc.gov

>> Washington DC District Government::

District of Columbia Website - DDOT: http://dc.gov/index.asp
District of Columbia Website / City Government Links / Neighborhood Links: http://www.ci.washington.dc.us
District Council Site. Includes link to DC Code Site (lexuspublishing): http://www.dccouncil.washington.dc.us
DC Chamber of Commerce. Business Information and Statistics: http://www.dcchamber.org
Washington Metropolitan Council of Governments (MWCOG): http://www.mwcog.org
The Washington Geographic Information System Consortium: http://www.
District of Columbia Public Library: http://dclibrary.org
Office of Planning District of Columbia: http://www.planning.dc.gov
[Strategic Neighborhood Action Plans (SNAPS) / Publications and Reports / Census and Key Indicators / Maps: Development Projects]

>> Washington DC Reference / Community Sites:

Casey Trees: http://www.caseytrees.org/treemap.html and http://www.caseytrees.org/casefortrees.html
[The Casey family made a huge gift to the DC government to preserve/reinvest in its urban tree infrastructure; they have mapped the entire city and every street tree [!] and are arguing for the importance of trees for microclimate, energy conservation, habitat, etc.]
The Urban Institute: http://www.urban.org
National Building Museum: http://www.nbm.org
The Smithsonian Institution: http://www.si.edu
City Museum of Washington, DC: http://www.citymuseumdc.org/
Anacostia Watershed Society: http://www.anacostiaws.org
The Anacostia Watershed Project: http://www.anacostia.net
The Potomac Conservancy, Environmental Issues, C+O Info: http://www.potomac.org
American Studies at UVA and The Capital Project: http://xroads.virginia.edu and http://xroads.virginia.edu/~cap/title.html
Michael Bednar's Washington Places: http://arch.virginia.edu/dcplaces/washmock.htm
George Washington University City Renewal Project: http://www.gwu.edu/~cwas/links.html
StationMasters, "Guide to Station Neighborhoods served by the Washington, D.C. Metrorail system": http://www.stationmasters.com
[To locate a map of the four station working zones, click on "System Map" on their homepage, then "click on" station name on system map diagram. Each station page has an area map, description of land-uses and a panoramic photo of station. The area of the map covers the space that can be reached in a 10-15 walk from the station.]

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