ARCH 3710, Samuel Kim

I cropped the outline of my hand and superimposed it on the stretch of concrete in my 'place portrait.' You could say that the handprint functions as an index to both the physical and intangible qualities left by humans in nature.

Here, once again, the motif of the handprint makes its reappearance. I guess, for this image, I wanted to play around with the man's line of sight. Is he looking at the tree trunk and its dismembered barks, or is he confounded by the shadowy handprints that litter this unusual happening?

For this image, I superimposed the tree debris in the same manner as the first image (of the handprints along the cement trail). Unlike the first image, however, I created a serial motif. Each superimposed unit works to emphasize the image's receding space. That was primarily my aim.