As with any instrument, the beauty of a piano concides with the sounds that come from it. Therefore, it may appear that a piano's beauty is in some way constrained. For, in order for these sounds to be heard, a piano must be played. Nonetheless, some skilled musicans are not confined to this limitation, as they do not need to play the piano to hear its sounds. They can hear these sounds in their minds, and sometimes, they can use them to compose music. However, many of us do not possess such a musical knowledge. Moreover, it may seem that we cannot appreciate a piano for what it is, especially if we cannot play it. However, whether it is our own voices or a favorite song, we all hear sounds in our thoughts. Subsequently, we have the potential to create our own music. For, we are all capable of finding a pattern among these sounds, which is all music really is. It just make take a new set of mind and creativity to discover it.

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