Project 4: Self Portrait Images: Overlay
Ariana Dial ARCH 5710
Person-Place Portrait
This portrait combines an image of the golf course and a shadow of myself. The golf course has become this integral place in my life, where I have evolved over the years. Therefore, I thought it would be interesting to reverse this idea by making it appear as though my shadow has been imprinted onto the golf course, in a way that not only naturally complements the landscape, but also alters the landscape.
These two images are what I used to process the Person-Place Portrait.
Person-Object Portrait
I decided to combine the images of the glasses and the two self-portraits because they all share a theme of reflection and transparency. Additionally, by placing the two self-portraits within the lenses of the glasses, it underscores this idea of looking at things at various vantage points, which is my approach to many aspects of my life.
These three images are what I used to process the Person-Object Portrait.
Object-Place Portrait
This portrait combines images of my laptop and a mountain. My intention for doing this was based on the fact that both of these subjects define my life. My laptop is a more literal depiction of my life, as I use it to complete many of my daily activites. On the other hand, the mountain represents the ongoing pattern of peaks and valleys that I overcome on a daily basis.
These two images are what I used to process the Object-Place Portrait.