Consonance and Dissonance
ARCH 5710 | Andrea Gomez
Image 1| Consonance Overlay
For this composition I chose to overlay the image of a piano with the soft lights from the drama building. It creates an overall sense of consonance due to the warmness of the light that is repeated and the consitancy of the piano keys that can, itself, produce consonance in rythms in music.
Image 2| Consonance Overlay
For this image I chose to overlay once again to achieve an overall essence of consonance. In this image I felt that overlaying the two natural elements would create a greater connection between the two. Both the flowers and the forest are rooted in nature and letting the forest seep through the petals shows how they one in the same. They are natural elements that are soothing and tranquil and that is why I see them as part of a visual consonance.
Image 3| Dissonance Frame Insertion
This compoposition creates a sense of dissoncance because the outdoors are specifically framed and there is a clear seperation between the interoir and exterior. This divide is what I see as the dissoncance component.
Image 4| Dissonance Frame Insertion
This image is both image insertion and image overlay. I chose to once again show the relationship between an interior and exterior space and how one is not quite reachable but still present. That is why I chose to change what is seen in the reflection. Rather than the neighborhood, you see the hills from the Blue Ridge Mountains. A more organic landscape that constrast the build forms of the suburbs.