Andrea Gomez | ARCH 5710
This image equally emphasizes the outdoors and a familiar indoor space. I am equally as comfortable exploraing nature trails as I am navigating through my own apartment.
This image gives emphasis on the outdoors as a place I always want to be in. The lamp light is faded into composition so show the idea that the sun not actually there. The idea is that I am inside looking up at the ceiling of my room and what I picture is the soothing feeling of leaves above me as if I were outside.
I gravitate towards places with soothing light. Whenever I am home there are a specific set of light that I always turn on. In the image it looks like I am reaching out for the bulbs that make up my favorite set of lights. The action of reaching towards them bring importance to the light as a tangible object that brings comfort as opposed to the feeling of being outside that is expressed in the previsous images.