Andrew Shea
Arch 5710

I chose to do a macro series of water clinging to a spider web, suspended in the air

I chose with this image to increase the exposure. By doing this, the grain of the backround is brought out in the image

In this image, I chose to overexpose the image. The interntion here was to draw all atention to the water, which is higly reflective and bright compared to the backround

In this image , I chose to keep the same overexposed settings from the last one. However, Using the cropping tool I rotated the image 180 Degrees to make the water appear to be falling

With this image, I wanted to convey a sense of monumentality

I chose to bring the exposure up in the image to really emphasis the white of the structure, which creates a collonade from the foreground to the backround

With this image, I inverted the lighting to emhasis the darkness of the photo. By adjusting the curves, the strucure seams to blend into the bright spots of the photo

I chose to overexpose this image to create high contrast between the foreground and the backround. The details of the strucure begine to get lost through the light