Arch5710 Project 04
The intent behind this image was to show the relationship between objects in an antique store, in relation to light.  In many ways, objects like this are lost to the pulbic eye.  This image shows them being illuminated as if one was looking through a lense to the past.
The intent behind this image was to create a relationship between the natural environment and time, with the human in the center representing the middle point between them. By using the car trails in the foreground, the idea of time becomes a never ending medium, constantly flowing around the figure.
The intent behind this photo was to show the connection between human and space. The human in this image is shown as equal with the height of the rotunda, while the place they are in blends the upper and lower parts of the image together. It becomes a play on scale, in which the human is shown out of proportion with the courtyard yet eqaul in height with their surroundings.